Production Center

Our production center is a hub of entertainment and creativity with tenants and staff working together on several projects that involve film, fashion, music and television. It is the area in front of our building and includes all of our office, post production and meeting rooms.

The reception area is the first room visitors see when entering the facility. It is located next to our conference room and has an on-site receptionist during business hours. It is a great place to relax if cast and crew arrive early before a shoot.

We also have several office suites and desk space available for single day, weekly, monthly or yearly rentals. They range from 100 - 300 square feet and tenants have 24/7 access to all of our common areas, included utilities and access to our studio at discounted rates.

Features and Amenities:
- Reception and waiting area for guests
- On-site receptionist during business hours
- Comfortable conference room for meetings and castings
- Offices and desk space available for short-term or long-term rentals
- 24/7 security camera system


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