Our kitchen is a spacious area that has all of the basic ammenities you need to keep your cast and crew fed and productive throughout your shoot. It is a versatile area where you can serve serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and have craft service throughout the day. Some people also use this space for shooting scenes that involved a break room.
The space includes the following:

Features and Amenities:
- Full size sink
- Full size Refrigerator (stainless steel)
- Full size microwave (stainless steel)
- 12-cup coffee maker
- 4-Slice Toaster
- Portable Oven
- Water cooler with cold/hot water
- Pantry with plates, bowls and utensils
- 6' Dining table with 6 folding chairs
- 2 (6') Folding tables
- Sony boombox
- Various waste bins
- Magazine rack with several industry magazines and trade papers

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