1.5-ton AC System
This unit is installed and available in our Stage B
The MovinCool X20 Portable Air Conditioner brings advanced spot-cooling to commercial and industrial applications — perfect for cooling people and production processes. The CPX14 has a three-speed fan and adjustable nozzles for versatile cooling comfort as well as digital controls and auto operation — for 24/7 programmable back-up of central systems. Providing effective moisture removal — these units hasten drying for humid and water-damaged areas. Connectivity ready with remote monitoring, geolocation and performance notifications.* (*Subscription required, coming in 2021)

Standard Features:
- Sleek, modern design
- Wrap around bumper system protects against scratches & dents
- Built-in exhaust flanges with protective grille
- Condensate tank hidden behind easy-open access door
- Convenient cord storage cubby on rear of unit
Connectivity enabled


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