Just Remodeled: 55' two-wall Green Cyc - 50' 2-wall White Cyc
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CML Studios is one of the premier independent production studios in Southern California. We strive to offer a clean ample facilty to independent producers, filmmakers and photographers at low costs. The studio is ideal for any video production or photography shoots including music videos, shorts films, commercials, casting calls, instruction videos, modeling sessions, corporate videos and commercial photography shoots. CML Studios offers very competitive and some of best rates in town with total package deals with lighting, green screen, grip equipment and flats at low costs.

Our Multimedia Division

Grip Gear
White Cyc
Green Screen
Jib / Dolly
Production: We can fully produce, coordinate and market any production. We have a full team of crew members including directors, editors, DPs, etc.
Set Design: Our team of expert and experienced set designers can design, construct and build a wide variety of sets for any production.
Catering: CML Studios has a partnership with Celebrity chef Kurt Ehrlich. Celebrity Gourmet Catering offers unique and stylish buffet menus.

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